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Are you in need of a trademark attorney? How about a traffic ticket lawyer in El Paso, TX? If you are busy and a visit with an attorney cuts into your day then Mobile Attorney Services is right for you.  (U.S.A. Trademark Attorney Services and Traffic Ticket Lawyer Services in El Paso are available).  It is convenient to have a lawyer at your virtual fingertips. A lawyer who is only a call away is invaluable to your business needs. Ease your day and your worries by scheduling a phone call, skype call, or facetime call. Marcella Dominguez, trademark attorney and traffic ticket lawyer, makes herself accessible in a day in age where her clients prefer technology! If you want to meet in person, don’t worry. Starbucks and Corner Bakery are client preferred places to talk so they can refuel. Mobile Attorney Services are convenient for you. Mobile services means communicate now or meet later.

Marcella Dominguez, JD

US Trademark AttorneyMarcella is a busy mom who helps clients see the value in communicating straight from their smartphones and computers. Clients, like entrepreneurs and business owners, can be timestrapped. Clients want to stick to their priorities like their businesses, work, family, but also address their legal concerns. By eliminating your commute to an office you have more time for YOU. Marcella Dominguez graduated with her JD in 2011 from Thomas M. Cooley School of Law in Michigan. She returned to her native hometown of El Paso, TX and was admitted to the Texas Bar in 2013. As a trademark attorney, Marcella has a strong interest in securing company trademark registrations and business trademark registrations throughout the U.S.A. Other areas of interest include helping Amazon sellers register a business name or company name, renew trademark registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and form LLC’s in Texas, and maintain their registration(s). Engaging with creative talent such as musicians, bands, artists, entrepreneurs, new businesses, graphic designers, and more are target clients. If you are interested in contacting her because your world centers around music, licensing, the arts, trademarks, copyrights, songwriting, etc. then go on and contact her. It is often difficult to get a hold of a trademark attorney, but reaching Marcella is easy. To learn more about Trademark Attorney- Marcella- visit

What our happy customers say

  • “Marcella Dominguez helped my elderly friend with her legal matters. She was very compassionate. Marcella went to her home to make it easier on my friend who was homebound. She took the time to explain the law so my friends would feel completely at ease. Now Marcella is helping me with my legal matters. I am proud to call her our lawyer.”
  • “Marcella is someone I know I can trust to work on different legal matters. She has been great to work with. She always responds quickly and is always professional and courteous. I know I will continue to call her and am always quick to refer her to any friends.”


  • “Marcella was fast and effective. Would use her services again.”